SANTA FE, Texas Police are treating a drive-by shooting Saturday night as retaliation for a fatal shooting that happened three months ago.

Santa Fe police said several shots were fired at a house in the 13500 block of Bob White Lane about 9 p.m. It is the same house where Mike Hansen, 55, was fatally shot Oct. 22 by Robert Stanley Ott, Capt. Wayne Kessler said.

Police, with the help of Santa Fe Fire and Rescue, searched the neighborhood, but Kessler did not confirm whether bullets or shell casings were found.

No one was injured. Police were able to get a description of the vehicle, Kessler said. However, police did not release the description.

Police said they were confident Saturday s shooting was in retaliation for the October shooting.

In that shooting, Ott and Hansen had been in a conflict about Ott having barred Hansen from a local bar, police said. When Hansen drove his red pickup into the driveway, Ott left his house, armed with a shotgun.

Ott told police in October that Hansen brandished a gun. Ott said he feared for his life and was forced to shoot the man, according to police reports.

Ott was not charged in the shooting, but Santa Fe Police Chief Kenneth Campbell said the case is supposed to be presented to a grand jury. That has been delayed by the district attorney s office because of the holidays and unrelated priority criminal trials, Campbell said.

Campbell said his department has been under pressure from family and friends of Hansen s about the shooting investigation. In recent weeks, roadside signs reading Justice for Mike Hansen have sprouted up across town.

Saturday s shooting was the first major incident at Ott s house since the fatal shooting, police said.

Police have beefed up patrols in the area, Kessler said.

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