HOUSTON A Houston-area woman says she is a victim in the Target store data breach in which millions of shoppers had personal information stolen.

Lisa Magsig is obsessed with checking her bank account.

It is easy to always check that sort of thing when you ve got your phones and Internet access, you can always check it, she said.

That s why she was so shocked Sunday night to find transactions that put her account into the red.

A transaction for $329.76 and another one for $546.24, she said. They show that they are from a Target in California.

Magsig said she was not in California.

No, I am actually in Texas, she said.

She immediately called her bank, which had already alerted her that she could have been a victim in the Target data heist, and replaced her debit card.

There s just one problem, she said.

Being that I have a lot of automatic bill pay things going on I just figured give me the weekend so I can change all that and set it up, she said.

She said she did that Sunday and the fraud happened with her old card information that night.

I assumed that turning on the new one, the other one would be canceled, which is what probably a lot of people assume. That wasn t the case, she said.

Lisa had used her card at a Target store on Nov. 29. That is right in the window of risk for consumers. It was actually her bank that reached out to tell her that there was potential for a problem.

It did not even really occur to me to even look, because that happens to other people, you know, she said.

She knows better now. Magsig said the biggest irony is that her information was stolen at a Target and so was her money.

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