After seeing this cheater and liar Alex Rodriguez on Sunday, it raised my anger level about what happened to Craig Biggio this week all over again.

Rodriguez indignantly and angrily denies using while with the Yankees while refusing to take the stand to testify. Meanwhile good guys like Biggio, who have done it right and done it legally and done it passionately, are the ones to suffer because of A-Rod s stench.

The longer Rodriguez keeps it going the longer the good guys are going to be painted with the same brush which gets me to point two of this missive and that s the small group of ignorant, self important sports writers who...

a) Didn t vote Biggio into the Hall of Fame because he played in the same era as the users

b) Only voted for Jack Morris or didn t vote at all.

To Rodriguez, I hope he does take the stand so he could go to jail for perjury.

To the pompous writers who think punishing the good guys is making a statement, I can t really say on TV what my message to them is, but I think you have an idea.

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