HOUSTON A homeowner was fatally shot Thursday afternoon armed intruders barged into his home in southeast Houston.

The incident happened at Bessemer at Vennard.

One by one, family members showed up and heard the news that their loved one was dead. Mike Hernandez was a local rapper.

Some guys came in through the back, came in, pulled a gun on the girl who was inside there with him which is his roommate, said Abel, the victim s friend.

According to his roommate, the victim tried to fight them off when they put a gun to her head.

Mike tried to fight them off, Abel said.

The home invaders pulled out a gun and fatally shot Hernandez.

He was the most humble person you could ever meet in your life, said Heather Reeves, the victim s wife.

Police didn t have much information besides that there were three or four guys who committed this crime, and they fled the scene a white sedan.

Please contact authorities if you have any information regarding this case.

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