CYPRESS, Texas -- If you want to really know what triggered the mass shooting inside a house in Cypress, just ask an insider. KHOU 11 News spoke with a person who asked not to be identified, fearing possible reprisals from members of a gang that s been widely talked about on Twitter.

They were there to make trouble, to stir things up, our source said, while describing the melee at the birthday party advertised through social media.

It was a gang initiation. They just wanted to shoot the place up to make a name for themselves, continued the source, who also offered a chilling account of how it all began.

First they shot three times in the air. Then one guy stood on a chair and starting shooting down into the crowd.

The Harris County Sheriff s Office has confirmed that there were gang members in attendance. But some people believe one specific gang was at the root of it all. Two teenagers were killed, scores of young people injured, and a source remained convinced some wannabe gangsters are to blame.

Everyone here knows who they are. The police -- everyone. They re just a bunch of kids trying to act tough.

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