HOUSTON Heavy rain moved into southeast Houston early Thursday, flooding several streets.

The University of Houston issued an alert to students about flooding that affected those trying to get to the central campus.

Some of those high water areas adjacent to the campus were Elgin Blvd. at UH Entrance 18; Wheeler St. at UH Lot 4A near Calhoun; Wheeler St. between Scott St. and Cullen Blvd.; Elgin Blvd. at the Spur 5 / I-45 underpass and UH Entrance 17 at UH Entrance 16.

Some cars stalled on the roadways after drivers tried to go through the high water.

It has been pretty difficult. I mean I ve seen accidents. I ve seen flooded streets and I ve seen stranded people as well, said John Joiner.

The school asked students to drive safely and limit travel in areas with flooded streets.

By noon the high water had receded in many areas around UH.

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