HOUSTON A mother was counting her blessings after witnessing a bullet fly into her 4-year-old son s bedroom.

It happened in the overnight hours on Monday.

A gun battle between an armed suspect and four Houston Police officers left neighbors trapped in the crossfire. Police had been pursuing the suspect and his girlfriend for about 10 miles.

The chase ended when the pair crashed on Allen Parkway near Stanford.

I got up, and I started hearing gunfire going off, Michelle said. We ran into my son s room.

Michelle and other neighbors on Buffalo Terrace counted up to three dozen shots being fired.

She said her first priority was rescuing her 4-year-old son from the danger zone.

I was standing over his bed, grabbing him, when it came into the bedroom. Had it been the window next to it, two feet over, it would ve hit either me or my son, Michelle said.

The single bullet flew into the child s second story window. Other bullets ricocheted off the side of Michelle s home and through her back fence.

She said the scary ordeal was too difficult for her child to understand.

He was telling me, 'Mom, there s a monster, and the monster s going to get us,' Michelle said. He definitely thinks there were monsters and mom and dad came and saved him from the monsters.

Stray bullets also hit at least one other home in the area.

The confrontation began around 12:45 a.m. near I-45 and Monroe. That s when officers reportedly observed the driver swerving in and out of traffic.

Officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop, but the man allegedly fled the scene.

According to police, he fired at officers as he was being chased.

Police said officers feared for their lives and were left with no choice but to return fire.

[It sounded] like a war zone. It sounded like wow, this is live gunfire going on. It s a gunfight, said neighbor Stuart Russell.

Russell recalled hearing sporadic gunfire followed by controlled gunfire. He said he and his wife took cover and waited for it to stop.

She said, 'Oh my God, they re coming in this direction.' We were just like, stay down, stay down, Russell said.

The gunfire ceased after police killed the armed suspect.

The suspect, who hasn t been identified, was accompanied by his girlfriend during the chase and shootout. Stephanie Adams, 39, of Huntsville has been arrested on a charge of aggravated assault of a police officer.

Houston Police have identified officers involved in the shooting as R. Rivas, C. Frazzini, V. Zaunbrecher and R. Gilchrest.

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