HOUSTON The next generation of wireless connectivity products are due on store shelves in the very near future, and they promise to deliver Wi-Fi more seamlessly.

The Wi-Fi Alliance is the group that develops the standards for the way devices (like your smartphone, tablet, and laptop) connect to wireless networks -- whether it is at home or in a coffee shop. As CNET reported earlier this week, the alliance earlier this year started certifying what it calls Passpoint.

Long story short, Passpoint will have your wireless devices connecting to Wi-Fi more easily -- no more interrupted sessions asking for passwords, etc. when transitioning from a 3G or 4G connection to a hotspot.

Passpoint aims to make it so you don t have to disconnect from a Skype call, for instance, just to turn on your Wi-Fi when you go from outside to indoors where there s a Wi-Fi connection available. In addition, many of these public hotpsots will be grouped together so you don t have to enter the same username and password over and over again just because you re in a different location.

Many on the web have nicknamed this new technology Hotspot 2.0.

While the future of Wi-Fi and wireless Internet look pretty good, the only catch may be how mobile carriers restrict their users. It s not likely they d start charging for their Wi-Fi, but they may limit how much data their customers can download each month from certain public hotspots.

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