AUSTIN, Texas-- A couple of Christmas grinches steal packages from front porches in Southwest Austin, all recorded by surveillance cameras.

Jason Wicker who owns a home on Journeyville Drive near William Cannon and Southwest Parkway says Friday he was alerted that four boxes had been delivered.

When he got home and found only one he checked his security tape.

He found a woman taking newly delivered packages that were supposed to be Christmas gifts.
What she dropped, a man also wearing a green shirt, came and grabbed.

But, luckily he installed a securitysystem three weeks ago, which allows him to control the temperature and alarm with his cell phone.

It also came with cameras, just in time to catch the Christmas crime.

Looking at the video, Wicker points out, you can see her right there with a clip board.

He says, she looks in my house, looks in the window, sees nobody there she's in such a hurry she actually drops one of these packages when she is running.

He can also monitor real time, and wants would be thieves to think twice.

Wicker said, if his or her mom see this and yell at them, that's about the best I can do.

He laughs and continues, hopefully let people understand that this kind of stuff is out there. People are watching what's going on.

The thieves got a foot massager and a Mindcraft book and shirt.

He said, I just don't get it. i just don't understand why you'd go randomly steal packages from people's porches.

It appears his house wasn't the only one hit. A neighbor told Wicker something was also taken from his porch on Friday.

Plus a woman who also lives in this neighborhood, tweeted KVUE saying a gift was stolen from her house Friday as well.

Wicker hasfiled a report with the Austin police department..

If you recognize the two people on camera, call the Austin Crime Stoppers at 472-tips.

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