HOUSTON Some homeowners in Spring have a whole lot of cleaning up to do after Tuesday night's storms uprooted trees and downed fences.

The sky over Spring turned dark Wednesday night as the wind whipped up and rain flew sideways. What happened in Vanessa Anderson s backyard sounded so loud, her brother quickly decided to run out of the back bedroom.

He was looking out the window to look at the storm, she said. And he had the dog with him. And he said he heard a cracking noise. And he grabbed the dog and ran into the hallway right in time. And the tree came crashing through the roof.

The pine that stood in her backyard split her roof like an axe, smashing through her son s bedroom and falling onto her neighbor s garage. Branches from atop the tree skewered her neighbor s house and dumped storm water through the roof.

The wind was blowing sideways, said Cathy Vantreese, who lives next door to Anderson. We couldn t see out our window. (We) heard a big bang,opened up our garage door, there was water blowing and tree branches hanging over our boat in the garage.

The powerful storm that raced into the Houston area Tuesday afternoon blew through with high winds and heavy rains that many drought-parched homeowners welcomed. But in a couple of neighborhoods on the area s north side, the storm slammed trees and homes with winds that some people compared to tornadoes.

The limbs are twisted, almost like it was tornado activity, Anderson said. It s very strange.

The sound of chainsaws buzzed through The Woodlands Wednesday as homeowners and tree specialists cut limbs from fallen trees. A few homes suffered roof and fence damage and a day later some streets were still littered with splinters of wood and other debris scattered by the high winds.

But the biggest task left behind appeared to be the job left for tree specialists at Anderson s house. By late afternoon, tree specialists were climbing the trunk of the giant pine hanging over Vantreese s garage, sawing away branches and carefully removing sections of the heavy trunk dangling over the neighbors roof.

We re so lucky, Vantreese said. Everybody at their house got out safely. Everybody at our house was saved. So that s (the) way we looked at it. And everything can be fixed, because nobody got hurt.

Anderson, a single mother with a 9 year-old son, just bought her home in Spring three years ago. The day after the storm, she managed to smile about her misfortune. But that s mainly because she spent much of Tuesday evening crying about it, she said.

I couldn t believe it, she said. I felt like I was in a movie. Unbelievable. Still hard to believe there s a tree in my house.

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