HOUSTON A Brazoria County family s dream of moving into a home on the countryside was coming true, but now they re left wondering if they are making the right choice.

Phillip and Shana Harris haven t fully moved into the home in Danbury yet. They said hours after installing garage doors, someone came by and sprayed a message of hate.

The message, in black graffiti, reads No N******.

The letters KKK were also sprayed on the front walkway, below what the Harris family believes is an image of a noose.

It just hurts me to see this in this day and time because my kids had no clue about it, said Phillip Harris.

They said, as an interracial couple, they ve faced challenges. However, they said they ve never been targeted by something so blatant and racist.

Now they worry about the impact it is having on their 10- and 12-year-old daughters.

If you don t like African-Americans, or whites or Hispanics...that is your choice, but you never have the right to expose my children to the hatred you have in your own heart, said Shana Harris.

The Harris family said they called the Brazoria County Sheriff s Office andasked the responding deputy if this would be pursued as a hate crime.

We asked twice and she said, No, we are going to do more of a criminal mischief. To us it was like, did they not want the exposure? Did they not want the light on that it was happening? explained Shana Harris.

This family is scared that whoever did this could be capable of more.

KHOU contacted the Brazoria County District Attorney about this and she said she was not familiar with this particular case.

A report had just been filled out on Wednesday.

According to the DA, sometimes initial reports are taken down as criminal mischief. She said that does not mean it can t be elevated to a hate crime during an investigation.

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