HOUSTON Houston police are searching for three men who got into a shootout with a security guard at a southeast Houston game room early Monday.

Steve Martinez was working security at a game room in the 3000 block of Broadway near Detroit and stepped outside to take a cigarette break around 3 a.m.

That is when three suspects pulled up in a Nissan Maxima and attacked him.The guard tried to fight back, but he was outnumbered.The suspects began beating the guard and one even shot at him.

Martinez returned fire.Neither he nor the suspect was hit.

Well, I mean I was already on the floor and once they had finished beating me up and I fell on the floor,I pulled out my gun and I shot up and he shot down again and missed again, Martinez explained. That s when he put it directly to my chest and I said, Well, it s either my life or his, and I was going to shoot and I said, But if I shoot him, he s going to pull that trigger and I am going to die, too.

Martinez described the moment he looked into the suspect s eyes.

They were young, real young, covered faces, said Martinez. Surprisingly, I looked dead in his (the suspect s) eyes, no fear.

The suspects got away.
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