In today s Food Truck Friday, we re helping you chill out with Ricca - an ice cream sandwich cart with a gourmet twist.

Tallent Ricca s gourmet ice cream sandwich business is little more than a refrigerator on wheels, but she s already earned a huge Houston following.

It s just way better than anything that comes from the freezer aisle, explains customer Heather Ardeel.

Ricca is a Houston native and a Bellaire High School grad, who spent four years abroad in Switzerland. She came back to Texas to bring her favorite hand-crafted Swiss sweets to the booming Houston culinary scene.

It was a very natural fit for me to come back here, especially since everything is picking up in the food world and food trucks are doing so well, Tallent says.

But don t expect your average ice cream flavors on this fancy little food truck. Peppermint Stracciatella, Lemon Blackberry Goat Cheese, Peanut Butter and Chocolate, Vietnamese Iced Coffee, and Fruity Pebble comprise the flavor offerings.

Each full sized sandwich costs about $5. You can find Ricca on Twitter @Ricca_co

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