HOUSTON -- The violence that took place on East 40th 1/2 Street near Oxford Wednesday morning was something longtime neighbors feared but hoped would never happen so close to home.

It makes you scared for one thing, said a woman who asked not to be identified. It makes me scared.

According to police a young woman was driven to the area around 9 a.m. and shot before she was pushed out of a moving pickup truck. It happened about a block down the road from a local mosque.

Minister Basil Abdullah was outside doing chores at the time. He said he heard the gunfire and then saw the young woman running his way screaming for help.

Oh God, please help me. I don t want to die, recounted Abdullah as he recalled what the victim had said.

The woman collapsed in a roadside ditch, bleeding profusely.

And I was just holding her putting tension onto her side, said Abdullah.

And then he noticed the victim was pregnant by about six months, according to police. Abdullah called 911 while holding her hand.

Abdullah said the woman kept repeating the same words over and over again, I don t want my baby to die. Help me, help me.

The victim was rushed to Ben Taub Hospital. At the time of transport, both she and her unborn child were alive. Police were looking for the gunman and a motive. No one had been arrested.

Neighbors like Emma Broussard remained unnerved by what had happened.

I m sorry things like that happen to young people, said Broussard.

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