HOUSTON -- A couple has a warning for pet owners everywhere after an intruder got into their house in the middle of the night.

They believe the burglar quietly slipped in through a doggie door.

It happened in the 5300 block of Saxon Drive in northwest Houston.

Neal Eday and his wife were sound asleep after a fourth of July celebration. His parents were spending the night in another room.

An alarming surprise greeted everybody in the morning.

My mom was looking for her iPad. We couldn t find it and thought maybe the dogs had taken it outside, recalled Neal Eday.

That s when Eday found his wife s emptied out purse next to the house.

His wallet was also missing.

It s just pretty brazen, said Eday. I don t know what would ve happened if we had actually confronted him.

The doors to the home were still locked in the morning.

Eday is convinced that the doggie door is the only way the intruder could ve gained access to the home.

He says the criminal is lucky to have avoided a confrontation with his two dogs.

Normally they re out roaming the house, but my parents were here, so we had them in the bedroom, he explained.

Neighbors in the Mangum Manor community are blown away by the criminal s nerve.

It s like they re getting bolder and bolder, said one neighbor, who didn t want to use her name. It s scary that somebody would break into the home while people are there sleeping.

Eday says he and his wife are planning on installing a smaller doggie door in the near future. The couple is also getting an alarm system.

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