HOUSTON -- A couple in northeast Houston has hundreds of buzzing neighbors bees!

The home is located in the 4000 block of Reid Street.

Lewis and Jina Dockery first noticed them earlier this month.

It just appeared to be thousands of bees swarming near the window said Jina. I don't know the temperament of bees so I don't know how they operate and what they do or may not do so I just stayed here.

With no way of contacting the owner who moved out of the house, Lewis was limited on what he could do. He tried calling a bee removal service.

There are several people who could take care of it, if it was on my property but the problem is it's on my neighbors property, said Lewis. No one lives there so no one will do without their permission.

His first attempt to contact the city of Houston through the 311 service was unsuccessful.

The city in no uncertain terms told me that they don't handle bee problems, said Lewis.

City officials eventually send someone out and the inspector noticed multiple problems including overgrown weeds, an inoperable car and the bees.

The owner has been given 30 days to fix the problems. Not exactly what Jina wanted to hear, but it's a start.

Well if that's all they can do, I have to accept that, said Jina. I would prefer they take care of it now because I m in my yard every day.

KHOU 11 News will check back in with the Dockery family after the deadline to see if their unwelcome neighbors are gone.

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