HOUSTON -- Just off of Main Street right outside the loop sit the Main Plaza Townhomes. The community is typically quiet but for the occasional traffic noise and these days an unexpected sound.

You d hear it in the middle of the night, the yelping and crying, said homeowner Mia Hinojosa. It s just a whining cry and you know it when you hear it, she added.

It was a coyote, said neighbor Jimmy Friday. I mean I know a coyote when I see it.

KHOU 11 News cameras captured video of several of them frolicking in a field adjacent to the community. Homeowners started noticing the coyotes a couple of weeks ago after landscapers cut down the tall weeds and brush.

We heard them and as we walked down, I could actually see one in the field about 50 yards that way, said Friday.

Mia Hinojosa said no one has responded to her calls to 311 for help.

What are our options because I don t want them to get hurt, but I don t want to get hurt either, she said.

Friday is worried about his pregnant wife.

I ve got a baby on the way. My biggest concern obviously as a father and a man, I want to protect my family .

Wildlife experts say the coyotes typically don t pose any threat to people.

And animal control doesn t usually get involved unless the coyotes are causing any problems.

But neighbors don t want to take chances and are hoping someone will agree to relocate the animals.

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