KATY, Texas -- Even off the clock, two officers with the Fort Bend County Precinct 3 Constable's Office knew they had to stop when they saw a car flipped over in a swollen ditch.

It happened on Tuesday afternoon as the men were fifteen miles from work and headed home along Katy Hockley Cut Off Road.

Deputy Phil Crowell jumped out and started directing traffic while Lt. Shawn Sayers waded through the water and found the driver upside down and trapped in his seatbelt.

All I could see was his face the rest of him was underwater and he was able to tell me I've been here awhile said Sayers.

Without a second to spare, Sayers took off his gun belt, grabbed his pocket knife and dove into the swollen ditch to cut the driver free.

When he was pulled out, the man had few words.

I said buddy you're a lucky fellow today, and he just kept shaking his head and he had his hand up and was patting me, he said.

That lucky driver is 46-year old Troy Redwood.

He was back at work as a prison guard so he couldn't do an on-camera interview but his wife Carolyn talked to KHOU. She said he had no broken bones, just some scratches and bruises.

First thing I did was thank God, said Carolyn Redwood.

Carolyn said Troy hit a patch of water, spun out and flipped. He guessed that he was underwater for about ten minutes.

He said he yelled and tried to get attention but no one could hear him, she said. He could hear the cars passing by.

The officers were on their normal drive home and said they responded out of instinct.

It's just one of those instances where we happened to be in the right place at the right time, said Lt. Sayers. Fortunately enough, it had a happy ending.

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