HOUSTON The Free Press Summer Festival is back up and running after a temporary evacuation on Saturday afternoon due to weather.

The festival was evacuated for about two hours when a strong thunderstorm moved in. Festival organizers shut down the concerts and told the crowd to get out and seek shelter.

Concert goers paid upwards of $168 a ticket for the weekend event.

No I m not happy about it. I think it sucks. I think it sucks. It s not raining yet. It s not raining yet. We paid a lot of money, and we want to enjoy the show, one concertgoer said.

I wouldn t say I m happy, but hopefully they can get it up and running again soon, Kyle Rapp, another concertgoer, said. Hopefully, the weather passes, and we can see the show. That what s we want to do anyway.

It was a big topic on social media. Pictures posted to Twitter showed some concertgoers heading to parking garages downtown where they took cover from the storm.

KHOU 11 News asked the festival about whether there would be refunds if there are more evacuations. Organizers said they didn t have an answer on that just yet.

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