HOUSTON A west Houston mother posted a picture of her son with Down syndrome on Instagram and ended up fighting a bully.

Megan Mennes said her son Quinn was just getting over a sickness and she snapped a picture of him in the backyard.

I was so excited, said Mennes. After seeing him sick for so long, it was nice to see him smiling again.

She added the hashtag #downsyndrome so anyone searching the topic could see her 16-month-old. Soon she had a post from a stranger that simply read ugly.

I clicked on the link to his profile and that s when I saw lots of really offensive pictures of other people with Down syndrome and lots of free use of the word retard, she said.

So the mother of two and teacher from Stratford High School composed an online letter that was picked up by the Huffington Post. It was titled To the troll who called my son ugly.

I know the notion is typically you don t feed the trolls, you don t respond to those sorts of things and you typically ignore it and at this point I felt like I can t ignore it any longer, said Mennes.

She called the person behind the post childish and sad and reported the profile that appears to no longer exist.

Through the experience, this mother has learned a thing or two.

For every ugly comment, there s a thousand people that have nothing but love and support in their hearts for us.

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