Ten days ahead of the most unpredictable and front-loaded NFL draft in recent memory, an intriguing rumor is making the rounds: The Dallas Cowboys want Johnny Manziel.

Jim Nantz of CBS brought it up to ESPN Cleveland in a recent interview.

I ve heard this rumor for a month the Cowboys will figure out a way to get Manziel, Nantz said.

Peter King agreed. In his MMQB column, King wrote that he absolutely buys the Cowboys interest in Manziel.

It s not hard to see why. In no particular order: Johnny Manziel is a fine quarterback prospect, Jerry Jones loves brash stars, Tomy Romo will be 34 and coming off his second back surgery, Jerry Jones loves big moves, Johnny Manziel is a homegrown Texan who gets people talking, Jerry Jones loves making big moves with brash stars that get people talking and, come on, how great would it be to have the most polarizing player on the most polarizing team? It s a match made in Jerry World.

Of course, the Cowboys have more glaring needs (both lines, in particular) and Manziel might not be around at No. 16. Plus, all of this could be subterfuge from Dallas, in an attempt to get Manziel to go earlier, thus protecting a player Dallas could actually want at No. 16.

No matter. That s why the lead-up to the draft is so much fun. It leads to countless rumors, very few of which end up coming true. By the time next Thursday rolls around, Jadeveon Clowney will be linked to half the teams in the league. Mock drafts will have Teddy Bridgewater going anywhere from No. 1 to No. 100. Khalil Mack will definitely be the No. 1 pick, unless he slips to No. 6, in which he case he ll definitely go there, unless he doesn t. And Johnny Manziel will be the apple of Jerry Jones eye, a replacement for Tony Romo and the rightful heir to the thrones of Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman. It will be a prefect scenario, right up until Manziel goes No. 4 to the Cleveland Brows and finishes 4-12 in his rookie season.

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