HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - Deputies are searching for three suspects who held up employees and customers at a Denny s restaurant in northwest Harris County.

The Harris County Sheriff s Office responded to FM 1960 at Butte Creek around 2 a.m. Wednesday.

Workers said three men with bandannas on their faces entered the restaurant with two shotguns and a pistol. They pistol-whipped one of the employees and then kicked him. They then turned their weapons on others in the restaurant, demanding cash.

I thought they were going to kill me like three times, said manager Eva Mendes. I thought that I wouldn t see another day because at first they were upset because it wasn t enough money, and I said well they re thinking I m lying.

First I got up under the table seeking safety, but I didn t know if that was safe enough, said another worker named Elvin. So when one of my co-workers was struck with a weapon I had took off running, but I was chased by a gunman.

Elvin managed to escape and flag down a tow truck driver who called 911.

The robbers got away with about $800 in cash.

No serious injuries were reported, but one worker was taken to the hospital to get checked out.

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