HOUSTON Passengers aboard a U.S. Airways flight headed to Phoenix from Tampa shared tense momentsTuesday night thousands of feet up in the air, when a baby stopped breathing.

The next few minutes were crucial in saving the child s life and that s when a man jumped into action.

The plane headed to Phoenix, had to divert into Bush Intercontinental Airport because a baby had turned blue from seizures andlack of oxygen.

Cell phone video from inside the plane shows a formerArmy medic and CPRinstructor,Garrett Goodwin holding thebaby in his arms, after he sprung into action and gave the baby CPR.

I m a big guy with a pretty commanding voice and as I was giving him chest compressions, going down the aisle Iwas pretty vocal. I said, I have a baby that s not breathing. Is there a doctor or nurse on board? said Goodwin.

Goodwin held the baby upside down at first to check if the baby was choking and then eventually began CPR.

The plane was diverted to Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston with the baby in stable condition. The Houston Fire Department took the baby to Memorial Hermann North East.

Goodwin said the 15-month-old baby, who he calls Little Gary, had just been picked up from foster care to head to his new home.

Goodwin said he was glad to be in the right place at the right time, with the right training. And now Little Gary is alive and full of smiles.

It was probably one of the greater times in my life, said Goodwin. You don't get a lot of chances to get to save a life.

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