HOUSTON -- Kenya Andruss had a feeling Friday night that something wasn't quite right. She found the first clues in her teenage daughter's bedroom.

Her school bag was stuffed and isolated under the bed, said Andruss. When I found the bag stuffed and the ID and phone charger left behind along with her earpiece that just kind of put a red flag.

Her daughter, who's 17 but suffers from a learning disability that makes her seem much younger, had vanished. So Andruss filed a missing person s report with police. Then she notified her pastor who called KHOU 11 News.

This is very unusual, said Rev. James Nash of St. Paul s Missionary Baptist Church.

But after five days of waiting and not knowing, the moment Andruss had been praying for suddenly arrived when her daughter walked up the street toward their northwest Houston home.

Both mother and daughter embraced one another. Then the teenager told her mom what had happened.

She said somebody took her, said Andruss. She said someone knocked on the door. She thought it was one of the neighborhood kids and somebody took her.

Andruss took her daughter to the hospital for a rape examination. She also informed the police and said she was both relieved and frightened by the day s dramatic developments.

I haven t slept since Friday, said Andruss. I feel numb.

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