HOUSTON -- Houston police officers arrested a man for firing six shots inside of a Walgreens in east Houston.

The incident happened on Maxey Road and Woodforest Drive. It happened around lunch time when customers were getting their prescriptions filled and printing out pictures.

Chris Lauvao came to Walgreens to print out pictures.

Some crackhead went in there with a gun, said Lauvo.

Lauvo and his wife, who is 7 months pregnant, were forced to run for their lives with their one-year-old daughter when a man walked into Walgreens with a gun and started firing away.

I was scared. Plain and simple, said Jimmy Downing. We took off.

There were at least six customers and several employees inside. According to witnesses, the gunman never said a word.

The guy never aimed at anybody, said Downing. He just shot up at the ceiling.

Police said just before that, a man was beaten and robbed down the block. He saw officers at the Walgreens, where they responded to the shooting and ran to them for help. An ambulance was called for him from that scene.

Police were trying to figure out if the two incidents were related. In the meantime, witnesses were thankful that they're OK.

Nothing you can do about it when stuff like that happen, said one witness. You just hope you come out alive.

The suspect was arrested without any trouble.

According to police, the suspect is in his 30s and may have been delusional.

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