HOUSTON Five years ago someone smashed a San Antonio family s car window and stole their beloved pet dog during a visit to Houston.

The McCary family never saw their Schnauzer, Prince Henry, again until Saturday.

There s no words for it...I m so happy, truly amazing, said William McCary, who was 12 when his beloved first pet was stolen.

As KHOU 11 News previously reported, the dog showed up practically on the doorstep of Stephen and Allie Collins in northwest Houston a few days ago.

He was quite a shaggy little fellow. He was dirty. He was matted, said Allie Collins.

Thank God for the Collins. It s almost like he walked up to em and said, Can you help? William s father David said.

The Collins took Prince Henry to a veterinarian to see if he had an implanted chip he did. That s how they tracked down the McCarys in San Antonio.

They gave the 7-year-old dog lots of tender loving care and a makeover.

He was like a new man after that haircut, Allie Collins said laughing.

Both the McCarys and the Collins say the lesson in this story is to always get a microchip implanted in your pet. Without one, there would have been very little hope of finding Prince Henry s owners.

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