AUSTIN, Texas -- Austin musicians are constantly reporting stolen instruments, especially during the music festival SXSW.

Just in time to play SXSW, local band finds stolen guitar Austin Band Quiet Company is at work on it s latest album at the new Orb Recording Studios. Just in time, bassist Matt Parmenter has been reunited with an old friend, his 1973 Fender Jazz. The bass was taken from his band s trailer back in 2010 just before they went on tour. After years of searching, two weeks ago, Parmenter found the bass on eBay.

It s so comfortable to me, that was my bass for so many years, said Parmenter.

They haven't recovered any other equipment, but Parmenter says it's blessing to get his bass back to record and to play SXSW. Quiet Company is booked for two showcases and other shows during this year s festival..

I think I ll bring it to one show, cause I m a little, leery to take it back out and put it into circulation, said Parmenter.

Police tell KVUE they can't pull statistics of thefts of instruments, that all property thefts are included in the broader category of theft or burglary. However, those stats show property thefts during SXSW rise nearly triple of any other event. However, musicians say it's a problem, not just during SXSW.

It seems like every week somebody is posting something on Facebook, hey keep an eye out, says Parmenter.

Quiet Company's On Modern Men video was the last shot featuring Parmenter's bass. He says insurance, keeping serial numbers and pictures of your gear is important, and that some musicians even micro-chip their instruments.

Parmenter says his bass ended up at a flea market in Mexico, and then showed up in McAllen, Texas. He worked with the Austin and McAllen police to get it back.

Orb Recording Studios

Quiet Company

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