HOUSTON -- The Johnny Manziel machine just keeps on churning. He is on a mission to be drafted by the Texans. He was in San Diego last week where the Texas A&M star trained with an NFL quarterback specialist.

Houston Chronicle sports writer John McClain spent a couple days following Manziel around.

Hot off the presses are a series of articles he wrote for the Chronicle. McClain watched Manziel in all kinds of situations.

He made me a believer, said McClain. Everybody jumps out of their chairs, pulls out their cell phones and starts taking pictures of him. They didn't do that for (former Oilers quarterback Dan) Pastorini or (Texans General Manager) Rick Smith.

McClain said Manziel is a changed man who has left behind his controversial ways, even dropped the nickname Johnny Football. Manziel's actions may be more restrained but some feel his words are not.

He boldly declared that if the Texans don't pick him in the draft it will be a huge mistake. One he'd remind them of whenever he faced off against them.

That's a bit arrogant. I think, said football fan Cheri Abbage. I don't think he's, you know, going to be the savior for the Texans.

Some football fans believe Manziel may be overstating his NFL abilities. Others say he is just what the Texans need.

I'm an Aggie so I'd love to see him play here and, you know, I think he's grown up, said football fan Robert Love.

One of the more provocative things Manziel said recently is that if he doesn't end up playing pro ball here in Houston, that chip on his shoulder is going to go from being a Frito to being a Dorito.

I think that probably has something to do with his youth, Margie Gautier, a football fan said laughing.

Former Oilers running back Earl Campbell was a University of Texas product. Houston's NFL team took him and by all accounts, it worked out well.

Former Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young was a U.T. product. Houston's NFL team did not take him and his career turned out to be less than stellar.

Now the local NFL team has the chance to choose a Texas A&M Aggie. On draft day, May 8, sports fans will see how that works out.

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