HOUSTON An Amber Alert has been canceled for an 11-month-old Houston baby after he was found safe.

Eleven-month-old Jamibre Fontenotwas back in his mother's arms not long after the alert was issued.

The baby's mother grew concernedbecause the baby had not been seen since 5 a.m. Monday. He waswith his 20-year-old nanny, Cy-Keitha Freeman.

Freeman said that when she saw the Amber Alert on her phone, she immediately returned to the apartment where the mother resides to return the baby. She said she was staying with her cousin and it was never an issue with Jamibre's mother.

Jamibre's mom said that Freeman lied to her about where he was and never brought him back.

She would never kidnap somebody's child, said Delnisha Fegans, Freeman's cousin. She watched that baby every day, all day.

Jamibre's mom gave police a statement. No word yet on if charges will be filed.

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