HOUSTON The family of Corianne Cervantes spoke out for the first time Friday afternoon since the body of 15-year-old girl was discovered in a vacant southeast Houston apartment.

Cervantes death has shocked the community after police said the teen was killed by two other teenagers as part of a deal with the devil.

I don t think anybody as a parent should ever have to go through this, and there truly is no words to describe, Catera Cervantes, the victim s aunt, said alongside the teen s father, Cory Cervantes.

The victim s father said there was nothing unusual about the last time he saw his daughter.

It was a normal day and she wanted to go out, and I told her to come back home and make sure that she come back home, the father said.

But the teenager never came home; her family grew frantic trying to find her.

Cell phone, on Facebook, iPod cell phone and we were trying hard to find her and we kept trying to ask her friends and stuff, the victim s aunt said.

According to investigators with the Houston Police Department, the victim was found beaten to death in a vacant apartment on El Camino Real. She had been tortured and sexually assaulted.

Cult-like objects were found around the apartment and on her body, police said. Her family said there were no words to describe how they feel.

She was always just very loving. She would say I love you again and she would walk away and come back 10 minutes later and hug me again, Roseanne Harding, the victim s aunt, said.

Investigators said an upside down crucifix was found carved on the victim s stomach. Cervantes had been beaten with an ash tray and toilet tank lid.

Jose Reyes, 17, was arrested and charged with capital murder, police said. A 16-year-old boy was also arrested and faces the same charge.

Cervantes had attended an alternative school with the younger suspect, police said.

The suspect is expected to appear again in court later next month.

Meantime, the girl s body is still at the Harris County Medical Examiner s Office. She had been so badly tortured; it took them until Friday to forensically identify her.

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