JUSTIN Students at Northwest High School returned to class Wednesday morning for the first time since their 16-year-old classmate died in a violent wreck on an icy road.

It's going to be a sad day, said student Noelan Gamblin. It's going to be a tough day for everybody.

Students missed class on Tuesday because of wintry weather the same sort of conditions that may have contributed the crash that killed Shyann Hooper and sent her friend to the hospital.

Students gathered the hallway of the school for a prayer circle Wednesday morning. In pictures posted online, hundreds of students stood shoulder-to-shoulder inside the school.

They're mourning the loss of their friend and also praying for a speedy recovery for Brianna Christensen, Hooper's friend who was injured in the recent crash in Justin. Principal Jason Childress said Christensen, also 16, emerged from surgery at 10 a.m. on Wednesday.

They did a cranial cap to release some pressure on her brain, and then the only other injury her dad said was to the left side of her face, Childress said.

According to investigators, a truck lost control on an icy patch of FM 156 near the high school, crossed into the center lane and struck the car the teenagers were in.Senior Miranda Randall described the conditions after school as treacherous.

It still kind of hurts me, because I had just left school right before the accident and I could have been the one in that accident, she said.

Hooper excelled in academics and was active in sports, especially basketball. Her teachers and fellow students said she had a bright future ahead of her. In a show of support, friends and teachers wore her favorite color, and on Twitter, shared photos and memories using the hashtag #SmilelikeShyann. Pictures poured in on Wednesday from nearby elementary and middle schools. The Fort Worth Fire Department even paid its respects.

It's different to think that somebody you just saw that day passed away that day.It's weird, said Gamblin. She thought she had a future and then she died. That's just upsetting.

Students say they will remember Hooper by her smile and her warm, inviting personality.

She was just a all-around person of joy. You couldn't meet a nicer person, said sophomore Andrew Komark. She is in a better place. She's watching over all of us and she's happier up there.

The tributes will continue throughout the week. Neighbors say they will tie orange and purple ribbons around the trees in Hooper's neighborhood to honor both girls.

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