PEARLAND, Texas Many may not know a 20-year-old singer from Pearland now, but chances are, they will soon.

Alexxa has only been singing and performing for four years, mostly in Spanish, until recently.The people who have seen her perform are saying she could be the next Selena.

To be compared to her is just amazing because she s so talented and I hope to one day touch people s hearts the way she touched many hearts, the young singer said. I am in no way shape or form trying to replace her. She is definitely my role model. She will never be replaced.

Alexxa has recorded songs at Urbana Studios near downtown Houston. Producer Armando Lichtenberger says he sees a star in the making

She has very good pitch. That s really important. And you re seeing it now; the American Idols, The Voice. It s creating a higher level of competition, he said.

Lichtenberger says Alexxa s a natural even with country music, which she loves.

Alexxa has wanted to be a singer ever since she was a kid in pigtails.

I remember talking about it with my friends, I wanna be a singer. Others wanted to be a teacher a doctor. I never thought that I would be here now following my dream, she said.

Alexxa has recorded an album and will release a new single in a few months.

My hopes are that she fulfills her dreams whatever she wants to do in the music, said Jose Galvan, her father.

I do worry about people hurting her feelings because everybody is focusing on the artists and what they re doing. So it seems like they always focus on the bad things, not the good things, her mother Margarita Galvan said.

Alexxa has won several awards and hopes to win a Grammy someday. She is well on her way.

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