MISSOURI CITY, Texas -- A couple is accusing a Sprint employee of accessing and stealing an inappropriate and private photo after a phone trade.

Frank Jarosek brought his girlfriend Jamie to the Missouri City Highway 6 store Tuesday night to get a new phone.

Jarosek expected all of his data on his old phone would erased after trading it in. He claims that is not what happened.

This is an invasion of privacy, said Jarosek. This isn t right.

Jarosek says he noticed something alarming as he was setting up email on his new phone. He claims he found a topless photo of his girlfriend Jamie in his trash folder, and it was sent to an email he didn t recognize.

I was in transit on the way home when he sent it. It had to be on the old phone when he reset it because you can still connect to the phone using Wi-Fi, explained Jarosek.

The couple says they raced back to the store to confront all of the employees. Jarosek and his girlfriend allege that they soon figured out that a manager on duty was to blame.

He came out, and I said, look, I know it was you, said Jarosek. He says, it s deleted. I already deleted it. So he did admit to having the picture.

Jamie says that is not so comforting. She fears the image could now be out there in cyberspace.

That s not for anyone else. That was a year and a half ago that I took that, explained Jamie. The fact that someone went through it and found that particular photo. Nothing about it is okay.

The couple says they filed a complaint with Sprint customer service. They are now considering pursuing legal action.

I m more or less disgusted. I don t want to see him. He s a piece of garbage to me right now, said Jamie.

A manager told KHOU that the store was aware of the accusations. He went on to say that some action has already been taken on our end.

Connectivity Source spokesman Scott Aronstein later sent the following statement by e-mail:

The Company takes all customer concerns and complaints very seriously; however, we do not comment on ongoing investigations concerning customer complaints or personnel matters.

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