KATY, Texas -- The teenager accused of possessing a prohibited weapon at Katy s Seven Lakes High School is in jail pending $20,000 bond.

Jail officials say that Thomas Scott Barfield passed an initial mental health screen at the Fort Bend County Jail.

He agreed this afternoon to talk to KHOU 11 News in an interview but changed his mind at the last minute.

This morning Barfield made a first appearance in Fort Bend County Court replying Yes Sir. To the magistrates reading of his rights.

He also listened to the charges against him, You have been charged with possession of a prohibited weapon and your bond is set at $20,000, the Magistrate told him.

KHOU 11 News has learned that the so called zip gun made primarily of pipe and was threatening enough that the bomb squad actually blew it up in a controlled explosion at the school yesterday.

Katy ISD Officials say that it was not just the so called zip gun, there was also a hunting rifle found in the trunk of Barfield s car parked at the school.

Yesterday ATF Investigators searched the house near Katy in the Canyon Gate Neighborhood where

Barfield lives they have not released what if anything they found there.

Fellow students say Barfield is a nice guy but doesn t talk much, He would be the person I would expect would do this honestly out of anyone else.

He made these little things with pens my freshman year. They would sort of pop. I am not gonna call it a bomb but you know, said Josh Rubin a Senior at Seven Lakes High.

And well before that Rubin remembers, He liked to make things with fire and all that.

Katy ISD Officials could not confirm anything about Barfield s disciplinary history. Fellow students say that he was suspended in their freshman year.

This is much bigger trouble that could carry two to 10 years in prison. As of now Barfield is still in the Fort Bend County Jail.

Sources say that the 19-year-old s mother has been in contact with Fort Bend County officials but has yet to visit her son.

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