HOUSTON Matthew Sowders, the man accused of killing his pregnant estranged wife, appeared before a Harris County judge Monday morning.

Sowders is accused of strangling Melissa Sowders, then dumping her body in Cypress Creek.

On the day after Christmas when Melissa vanished, the 28-year-old husband allegedly confessed and told two different women what he had done, prosecutors said.

One woman said she went to his apartment and saw what she believed to be a woman s body from the doorway.

When she looked past [Matt] towards the hallway she observed what she believed to be the feet and lower legs of a female lying on the floor of the apartment, the prosecuting attorney said.

That witness then called Harris County Sheriff s Deputies and next called Matt Sowders with a deputy on the line. Prosecutors said Sowders admitted on the phone to killing his wife.

The other witness said she received a visit from Sowders.

She said that the defendant told her he had strangled Melissa to death after she pulled a gun on him. He told her he blacked out. When he came to, she was dead. He said he stuffed her into a large black trash can and transported her to Cypress Creek. And there he submerged her body, the prosecutor said.

Sowders sister, Amber Newsom, believes Matt killed Melissa after seeing a photo of her ultrasound on her cell phone. The victim was two months pregnant with her current boyfriend s child. Matt Sowders also became angry about photos of her in lingerie, according to Newsom.

The Sowders had four children together who stayed with Matthew Sowders family.

Matthew Sowders was arrested just hours after the victim s body was discovered Thursday.

On Friday, a judge denied his bond. If convicted, he could receive life in prison or even the death penalty.

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