PORT ARANSAS, Texas -- It took rescuers from as far as Florida and hundreds of thousands of dollars to track down two sailors who had no idea they were even reported missing.

Relatives say cousins Patrick Holden, 27, and Joe Squibb, 26, are experienced sailors. On Saturday they left Port Aransas on what was supposed to be a 1-day voyage to Galveston.

When they did not show up on Sunday, Holden's wife Emily waited a day and then sounded the alarm.

Thinking of the worst case scenario, she said.

By Monday there was an all-out search for the men and their 25-foot sailboat which Squibb had recently purchased in Corpus Christi.

Lt. Garrett Barker with the U.S. Coast Guard believes the boat had left with a bad engine and that the sailors became stuck when waves picked up.

On Monday crews went out as far as 50 miles in a desperate search to find them. The effort ended early Tuesday when the cousins came closer to shore and called home.

Lt. Barker said the men had no idea there was so much concern.

Dennis Giasis is a lifelong boater who was also on the water this weekend. He said conditions were rough.

The air was kind of calm, he said. But the waves just kept coming. I figured there must be a storm out on the gulf or something.

On Tuesday the Coast Guard gave Holden and Squibb a ride back to Port Aransas. Both were in good condition.

The men drove home to their families in the Houston area. Their sailboat has to be towed.

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