SANTA FE, Texas -- Stephanie Clawson and Ruby Sprayberry love traveling the world to improve people's lives, but now they need help themselves.

While in Niger, Africa, the two women were involved in a bad crash that also killed one of their friends. They're now in a hospital without reliable power or adequate pain medications.

It's not like American medicine here where good pain relievers are available, from what I understand it's like Tylenol-3 that's been given, said Clawson's husband, Kirk.

He's been waiting by the phone to get more information on their conditions.

The two women are with the Santa Fe Community Worship Center. The church had insurance, but it only covered part of the cost for an air ambulance. So they need to raise the rest.

We need a grand total of $75,000, said Clawson.

And they need it by 7 a.m. Friday. After that, the church says the price goes up dramatically and it could take longer to get the women home. The congregation already raised about $15,000 through social media.

People were calling and pouring in saying they want to donate, said Julie Gregory of the Santa Fe Family Worship Center. So it's amazing the amount of support we are getting.

The 70 member church is hoping and praying other donors will come forward by morning so they can get the women out and into an American hospital.

This is the Christmas season and we believe in miracles, said Clawson. We are hoping to have a miracle by tomorrow morning.

The church is accepting donations on its website:

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