TEXAS CITY, Texas Dozens of people have posted a picture on the KHOU 11 Facebook page alleging that a Great Dane was abused at the Texas City Animal Shelter and is in danger of being euthanized.

The Texas City Animal Shelter said they captured the Great Dane after a call from a citizen reporting an aggressive dog.

They admit the dog may have been injured when it was captured because it put up a struggle, but they deny it was abused by the animal control officer.

A veterinarian looked over the dog on Wednesday, and found the blood came from lacerations in her mouth consistent with biting the catch pole when she was captured.

New photos of the Great Dane showshe has been cleaned up and appears to be in good health.

The animal shelter also denied rumors that it plans to euthanize the dog.

It saidshe has tags so they are actively trying to locate the owner.

Some rescue groups have offered to take the Great Dane, but she is on a 72-hour hold in case the owner turns up.

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