HOUSTON The wicked weather couldn't have come at a worse time as many travelers are heading north this Thanksgiving week.

The way we react to a little cold weather here in Houston seems funny to people from other parts of the country. The dropping temperatures are having an impact on people trying to get out of town for the holiday.

Dallas didn't freeze, but they cancelled more than 300 airline flights just as a precaution.

Of course DFW is a big hub for the air travel system, so that's had an effect across the country.

Now, if you're traveling this weekend and you plan on driving, they're keeping an eye on the Houston area's roads at Transtar.

Cold weather always brings a spike in cars broken down on the roadsides. Dead batteries and minor accidents you might expect, but they also see a lot more people with flat tires.

If you're braving the weather to travel this week then you can stay on top of conditions on under the Weather tab.

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