HOUSTON A lot of times, when someone tries but fails to steal a vehicle, the vehicle s owners feel relieved. But Tim Gallagher believes he lost something far more valuable than a truck he lost a bachelor s best friend.

She s like a kid to me, said Gallagher. She was kidnapped. She wasn t dog napped.

It happened in the parking lot of Home Depot on the 610 North Loop two weeks ago.

Gallagher had run into the store to pick up supplies. When he returned to his truck, he noticed someone had broken in and snapped the steering column. Then he saw that his dog was missing.

I feel guilty in a way. I feel like maybe I did something wrong, he said.

Gallagher s dog was is a Shih-Tzu named Marta. She turned 2-years-old the day before she was snatched from the truck.

Security cameras captured images of a vehicle detectives think could be involved. A green minivan was seen pulling up next to the truck. Gallagher has hung up posters and is offering a $1,000 reward.

It s not the worth of the dog. She s a person to me. She s my best buddy. She s my friend, Gallagher said.

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