TEXAS CITY The Texas City Police Department increased its presence at the city s new skate park after a woman complained that her 11-year-old son got hooked on methamphetamine while hanging out there.

Detectives also met with Rena Alvarado and will have tests done on a syringe she found in her son s trash to see whether it had been used to inject meth.

Alvarado complained that when she found the syringe Sunday and her son admitted he had been using meth for months, Texas City police did little to help. She said her son claimed that the drugs came from a dealer who uses the skate park as a base of operations.

Police Chief Robert Burby said that while his officers had no indication the syringe had been used for illicit drug use, he decided to send detectives to meet with Alvarado after her complaints were reported in Wednesday s edition of The Daily News.

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