HOUSTON -- A Houston waiter spent hours with a sick little boy, even after his family finished dinner. It was a random act of kindness that produced a special friendship.

Timothy Timmy Brookshire, 5, hooked up to oxygen tubes and tank, threw his arms around Ace yelling, Hi Ace! Big Hug!

You'd be hard pressed to guess he and his family had just met Asa Ace Biche two days ago at the Olive Garden on Old Spanish Trail near Reliant Stadium.

Timmy s mother Crystal Brookshire remembered her son s demeanor.

A lot of mood swings so when we came in here he was screaming, Crystal said.

Timmy suffers from a rare kind of cancer and immune deficiency. So far, he has had 55 surgeries, including a 19-hour heart operation.

She pulled up his shirt, pointing to a little plastic cap on Timmy s belly and explained his feeding tube.

This is what we're trying to get off during the day so he can eat by mouth, Crystal said.

That's why they brought him to the restaurant.

We made a little deal if he would eat we could definitely play and sure enough the night turned into something nobody could have ever expected, Ace said.

The Brookshires have been here in the Texas Medical Center for 74 days from North Carolina for chemo and other treatments, but that night the weight was lifted.

He threw the oxygen down and he was gone, there was no slowing him down, Crystal said.

The family was at the table for two hours, and then Ace played with Timmy for two hours more outside. Mom worried about Ace's job, but other waiters covered for him.

Ace believes it was Timmy who inspired him.

Enjoy all things in life because it s not guaranteed and this kid is a walking miracle, Ace said.

The 25-year-old waiter knows only too well, nothing is guaranteed.

My father was gunned down -- it was a random act of violence in Houston, Ace said.

Now they are buddies and even planned to hit the zoo together.

Ace is my guardian angel, Crystal said.

Both said something special happened that night and they will be pals forever.

Doctors said Timothy shouldn't even be alive or even speak, but he continues to surprise folks.

Timmy may be at the Ronald McDonald house for a full year, to get his treatments at Texas Children s Hospital. For more information, click here to visit Timmy s website.

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