HOUSTON -- November is one of the least popular months for weddings, but the date 11/12/13 appealed to couples looking to tie the knot.

Ronald Martin and his bride, Xynthia, went to a Harris County Justice of the Peace Court to make it official.

I chose this day because I wanted it to be a memorable moment, Xynthia said.

Xynthia said the couple would host a reception this coming weekend, but she wanted to celebrate her wedding day with only her husband and four sons, who also came to the courthouse.

This was a special day for us, Xynthia said.

David s Bridal estimated more than 3,300 brides will marry on November 12, 2013.

Some consider the sequential date good luck, and others think it s numerically pleasing.

Precinct 1 Judge Dale Gorczynski thinks it might be a matter of convenience too.

Maybe they want the groom to remember the anniversary, Gorczynski joked.

He added that he married more couples than usual Tuesday.

Charlotte Darden came to the courthouse straight from her job in the medical field to marry Freddie Patton.

She wore a fresh pair of scrubs for the occasion and said she was thrilled to have a unique wedding anniversary.

One of my co-workers mentioned it was 11/12/13 and I was like, oh what a great day, Darden said.

Repeated numbers are also popular wedding dates, like 11/11/11 and 12/12/12 in years past.

The next big sequential date is 12/13/14 and industry experts expect to see even bigger numbers, since the day will fall on a Saturday.

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