We hear a lot about the cool tech toys you can buy over the holidays, but what about the ones you should avoid?

CNET has put together its list of worst holiday tech gifts this year, and some of them you may or may not agree with:

== DVD players ==
The disc format is on its way out, and believe it or not, we may be saying the same thing about Blu-ray players in the coming years. If anything, give the gift of a Netflix membership.

== Nintendo Wii U ==
The gaming console has been on the market for nearly a year, and while sales did pick up recently, that was only after a necessary price drop. Many experts say the Wii U was a dud from the beginning, although Nintendo fans would disagree. Either way, this year everyone is talking PS4 vs Xbox One. If you want something a little cheaper and simpler, you may want to look into the upcoming Wii Mini.

== Fitness Trackers ==
As much as you hear about them, so many of these end up gathering dust. People don t stick to their workout goals or they revert back to using their smartphone apps, since many people run with their phone on them anyway.

== Chromebook Pixel ==
It looks like a sleek little laptop, but at $1,300, CNET calls this an expensive web browser. You may be better off getting a real laptop that runs Windows 8 or Mac.

== Anything BlackBerry ==
As painful as it is to say this: BlackBerry. Anything BlackBerry. Many analysts believe the company s days are numbered, so you never know when your new smartphone will end up with no updates or tech support.

What do YOUthink? Is something on this list that shouldn't be, or is something missing? Either way, take the list with a grain of salt. If someone specifically asks for the FitBit or a Wii U, by all means, get it for them! You don't want to be a badSanta, after all.

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