PLANO, Texas -- The crowds at John Clark Stadium on Friday night wore many colors. But it was one color that stood out: green.

As two Plano teams battle it out on the field, one student from Plano West is facing a battle of her own.

I want to scream it from the mountain tops: I'm with Shea! Terri Riddell said. And if you have a problem with with it, I'm with Shea.

On Friday night, many were with Shea Shawhan, as seen by the number of green shirts in the stands.

The 17-year-old Plano West student with disabilities was a victim of school bullying. Hurtful text messages were sent to her.

One text message read, Clearly no one wants you.

This isn't just about Shea anymore, Riddell said. It's really about being civil and being aware of what our children are doing.

The Plano Police Department did arrest a juvenile in the case and charged them with harassment. Meanwhile, I'm with Shea has turned into a movement to fight bullying.

You know, we can rise above. Stand up, don't standby, said Yolanda Miles, a friend.

So while green wasn't the only color worn on Friday night, it certainly was the loudest.


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