HOUSTON Some folks think that former Houston Oilers coach Bum Phillips and the Astrodome are inseparable and to lose another part of that history would just be too much for the city.

Voting began Monday for the proposition that would save the dome and transform it into a multi-purpose facility.

It was at one time the Eighth Wonder of the World, Erie Calloway, a voter, said.

Calloway voted for the $217 million plan, but not everyone is on board.

I am not from Houston, and I don t see the point of saving it when we have other facilities there that are great and beautiful, Jessica Prehein, another voter, said.

However, there is plenty of talk on social media and elsewhere to potentially rename the dome for Phillips in tribute.

That would be good, but I don t know that that would be beneficial to Houston itself, Jimmy Grewbaugh, a voter, said.

In come the Dome Mobile, a rolling tribute to the facility itself, aimed at wooing voters to the polls to save it.

The political players, who are working to save the landmark, said there is a plan already in the works to honor the heroes of the Astrodome like Phillips.

Bum Phillips, he is obviously a legend, a hero in these parts of town. Again, he was also a big supporter of preserving the building, Edgar Colon, with Houston Sports Authority, said.

The idea would not be to just honor Phillips.

In the four compass points, North, South, East and West, we are going to have main entrances. There has been some talk of naming those entrances after some people,

Legends, living or not, that s a plan everyone we talked to can get behind.

He is sort of synonymous with the facility. Went to a lot of games there though, Calloway said.

However, it will only work if there is an entrance to name after Election Day.

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