HOUSTON A former Houston Police Department officer is accused of attacking his wife.

It happened Saturday in the 500 block of Cypresswood Brook.

Police say Jason Sealy, 36, choked his wife when they got home from a bar in Spring on Saturday. Investigators said Sealy and his wife went out with a group of friends for drinks. When the group returned to the couple s home to watch a movie things allegedly got out of control.

During the movie, the suspect became jealous of one of the guys who was at the house. That started the incident and he broke a glass table, and then also started physically assaulting his wife, said Sgt. Julie Johnson, with the Precinct 4 Constable s Office.

She was allegedly choked so hard she couldn t breathe for 30 seconds. Witnesses at the scene were able to stop the assault and called 911, investigators said.

The couple has been married 1.5 years and had just moved into the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago.

Sealy was being held without bond Monday. In August, he was charged with two felony counts of tampering with government documents. Police said he was relieved of duty, and just last week he resigned.

There was no word on the nature of the falsifying documents charges.

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