HOUSTON Often it is the fans that the athletes depend on for that extra push. Cheers are what being a fan is all about unless they are at a time like this.

Now Houston is the talk of the football world, not for the Houston Texans exploits on the field, but for its fans choices in the stands after some cheered as Texans quarterback Matt Schaub left Sunday s game with an injury.

Welcome to barbarism. Barbarism is what it is, one radio show host said.

It s not just talk on air. It is a story trending nationally online in the worst way.

When my daughter asks me why are they cheering? I have to tell her. Well, some people are jackasses, one fan said.

Outsiders have called the behavior classless.

They are going on their gut instinct instead of the facts on hand, Avrim FIshkind, a Texans fan, said.

That doesn t show very much loyalty to your team or anything like that, another fan said.

With 24 hours to cool off, KHOU 11 News could not find anyone who would admit to the cheers that have led to the jeers.

When Schaub went down I did cheer, one caller said on Sports Radio 610. I felt like it was just a cry for any change. Anything.

I wasn t happy that he got hurt but I was happy there was going to be a substitution, another caller said.

Don t try explaining it to 12-year-old Christian Pena.

I think that is stupid and it is not very nice, Pena said. They should not have done that.

Pena had those questions when it happened.

It is just not something you should do, and if you are really a fan, you would not have done that, he said.

Pena said he will always sport the Deep Steel Blue, Liberty White and Battle Red.

Both of the fans that admitted to cheering Schaub s injury said that if they could take it back they would, while others blamed the behavior on intoxication.

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