HOUSTON A stranger danger alert has been issued in the Heights . Residents are advised to look out for a man who is preying on children.

A mom was walking home from Harvard Elementary with her twins Thursday. One of them was walking ahead when an older man asked him if he wanted to play.

The mother approached and the suspect took off in a white work-type van.

It happened near the school in the 800 block of Harvard around 4 p.m.

Phone alerts were sent to parents of Harvard Elementary students Thursday night.

That s when a second mom realized her 8-year-old daughter may have been approached by the same man. The girl was near the Heights Library when a man got out of a white van and asked if she needed a ride. She kept walking.

In both cases, the man was carrying a red poncho.

HISD and HPD have added extra patrols in the area.

We worked on this story with our partners at The Leader.

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