KATY, Texas A Houston mom who left her 4-year-old child in a hot car outside of an elementary school in Katy was charged for putting the child in harm s way, according to police.

Alisha Yvette Samuel, 37, was charged with felony endangering a child.

According to Katy ISD police, a concerned parent went inside Mayde Creek Elementary, located in the 2600 block of Greenhouse, to report that a child was left alone in a locked car in the school parking lot on September 10.

Two school staff members went to the parking lot to investigate and found the child sleeping in the back seat. One of them allegedly placed a hand inside of a window, which was barely cracked, and noticed that it felt very warm inside.

A call was then placed to police.

Before police arrived, Samuel returned to her vehicle.

She was told that police were on the way, but she still got into her car and left.

Police caught up with her a short distance away and pulled her over.

The mother told police that she was inside the school for only five minutes, but surveillance video showed that she entered the school at 1:19 p.m., but did not exit until 1:34 p.m., investigators said.

The temperature outside was 90 to 91 degrees. Police said that within 20 minutes, the interior of the vehicle could have reached 119 degrees, putting the child in serious danger.

Police also determined that the place where Samuel parked her vehicle was near heavy traffic. They said the child could have exited the vehicle and wandered into traffic. She was also at risk of bodily injury or death due to being left unattended.

Samuel was arrested and her bail was set at $2,000.

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